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Raw Dark Chocolate Cookies – Melaka, Malaysia

Here in Melaka my only real cooking appliances are a cute little steamer, a silicone cooking mat, three silicone cupcake liners, and a few small plates and bowls (along with a few spoons and forks). I have a couple of other random things, but no sauce pan (unless you count the steamer), blender, oven, or…

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Chocolate Cookies – SUGAR-FREE

These awesome little chocolate cookies are: Gluten-free Dairy-free Sugar-free (yes, really!) Egg-free I can hardly even believe it, but I’ve finally figured out how to make a sugar-free, vegan chocolate cookie that’s easy to make! I’ve been working on this project for a few months now, and I’d almost given up. It seemed impossible that…

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Melted “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups”

This originally started as an experiment in cookie-making without granulated sugar options. I was hopeful after I saw how beautiful the cookie dough was and how nicely it formed into balls. But, after about 7 minutes in the oven, I saw that the cookies were melting all over the place! I left them until they’d…

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