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Aeon Grocery Market – Melaka, Malaysia

This is the second major grocery store/shopping mall that we visited in Melaka, Malaysia. When we first arrived, a quick trip to Tesco was enough to tide us over, but a new day required more staples for making delicious (and not just survival-based) foods. Aeon is a shopping mall chain in Malaysia that has its…

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Tesco Grocery Store – Melaka, Malaysia

On our first day in Melaka, Malaysia, we went to a nearby Tesco to stock up on the necessities. Below I have some photos of the store, along with coordinates, so that you can find it. To get to the store, we took a Grab taxi from our apartment in Putra Heights (a Grab taxi…

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99 SpeedMart Grocery – Melaka, Malaysia

The 99 SpeedMart was a small grocery store that we found in a strip mall next to a coworking space called Grind Shack Workspace in Melaka, Malaysia. Although there it wasn’t possible to find everything necessary at this grocery, we did find┬ásome things, however. But besides that, this is one of the few small grocery…

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