Chennai, India – Grocery Haul No. #1

On the day we arrived in Chennai (July 28th), my family and I made it our goal to find food. A grocery store, or an outdoor market or bazaar of some kind would do. Since we make all our food from home, we make food-finding a top priority from the moment we arrive at our destination. More often than not, finding a grocery store or market is an adventure in and of itself. This time, however, we were lucky. Right inside our apartment complex was a small, but remarkably well stocked grocery, and right outside was yet another grocery with some more diverse food options.

Grocery stores always have been, and probably always will be, my favorite part of my travel experience. There’s so much there to see and learn about. It’s like living as a local, and eating as the locals eat. Generally, there are staples like milk and bread, but not always. In some places, the staples are a bit different. In India (and Nepal), grocery stores big and small place emphasis on having plenty of fruit juice options.

Here in Chennai, the grocery stores are, as I said, so far surprisingly well-stocked. Healthy eating in foreign countries entails a lot of fresh produce, which Chennai has plenty of.



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