Let Food Be Thy Medicine: How to Choose Produce High in Qi Energy

Fruits and vegetables are central to a healthy diet, and for good reason. Fresh produce has a lot to offer, including a diverse array of vitamins and minerals, flavonoids, and phytochemicals to name a few. But did you know that your produce has another “nutrient” that’s important too? I learned about how the energetic profile of fresh produce can affect your health in an unlikely place: my Level II Reiki class!

Qi (sometimes called “chi” or “ki”) is the energy that keeps us all alive, healthy, and vibrant. It is known as the lifeforce energy, and it’s absolutely essential that humans keep their qi circulating and in abundant supply. Fruits and vegetables can also have either a lot of qi or very little of it, just like human beings. Different people have different ideas of what generates this lifeforce energy, but whatever you believe, it’s crucial to our health that the fruits and vegetables we consume are rich in this vital “nutrient”.

During the second day of my Reiki Level II course, we went to a grocery store to practice choosing fruits and vegetables that were high in qi. When we arrived, we were blindfolded and then set to work on different areas of the produce section to test out the qi of various types of foods. Some of us were better at the task than others, but we all learned a great deal about the way that a healthy fruit or vegetable feels energetically. Here’s what I learned:


  1. Choose fruits and veggies that feel fresh

This can mean something different depending on the fruit or vegetable that you’re picking out. For example, a dragon fruit isn’t going to have a smooth skin like a bell pepper, but the leaves should be in good condition. A dragon fruit with wilted or broken leaves isn’t as likely to have as high of a high qi profile as one that has fresh, supple leaves. A bell pepper with a lot of scratches or indentations might not be the best choice either. But, this is only one piece of the puzzle. Some fruits and veggies with imperfections have excellent energy! Organic produce in particular tends to be imperfect, so be aware of this when shopping.


  1. Close your eyes and tune in…

When you’ve found a piece of produce that calls to you, close your eyes and tune into the fruit or vegetable to try and feel its qi. Try holding one fruit/veggie in one hand and another of the same kind in your other hand to compare the two. Does one fruit/veggie have a happier, healthier energy than the other? Or do they both feel similar? Fruits and vegetables are very much alive, and when we take the time to listen to them, they speak to us.


  1. Go organic

Organic foods almost always have higher qi. This is because organic fruits and veggies have been grown nearby, often locally, and therefore they’ve traveled less distance from the plant and have more lifeforce energy from the earth. In addition, organic produce hasn’t been tainted with chemicals, so it’s healthier and fresher than other inorganic produce. When we avoid chemicals, we’re healthier and have more qi too! Eating foods that have lived happily and chemical-free gives us the opportunity to improve our quality of life.


  1. Appreciate your produce

As a final note, it’s a good practice to take a moment to appreciate the fruits and vegetables that you eat. They give us life and health. The more that you work with tuning into the food you eat, the more you can tune into yourself. Give thanks for the healthy, happy produce that you take home with you so that you can be happier and realize gratitude for other things in your live as well. Gratitude is a solid principle of any healthy lifestyle.


Eating well by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is the basis for having a healthy body, mind, and soul. The foods we eat can heal us if we let them, so the next time you head to the grocery store, keep these ideas in mind as you shop through the produce section! You might just surprise yourself with what you discover.

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