Aeon Grocery Market – Melaka, Malaysia

This is the second major grocery store/shopping mall that we visited in Melaka, Malaysia. When we first arrived, a quick trip to Tesco was enough to tide us over, but a new day required more staples for making delicious (and not just survival-based) foods. Aeon is a shopping mall chain in Malaysia that has its own grocery store as well as other shopping available. The grocery store at the Aeon in Melaka (as well as in Johor, I’ve heard) houses some important health-food staples and some fun snacks. The produce is slightly more expensive than at Tesco, but the selection is good and the fruits and veggies are perky.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of photos of the other areas of the store, but I did get some pictures of the produce section at Melaka’s Aeon store:

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The produce at the Aeon store in Melaka, Malaysia was diverse, including a nice mix of familiar items and exotic delights. Here in Malaysia, the potatoes are often from Australia! They have a sweet, soft flavor that’s extremely unique. The mushroom selection is well worth a long and thorough look; the mushrooms are an interesting blend of familiar and foreign, since we regularly eat mushrooms, but not usually with such diversity. I definitely recommend the mushrooms!

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In other areas of the store, I was able to find organic oats, cashews (and other nuts), goji berries, raisins, chocolate powder, agar agar powder and dried strips (as a side note, agar is pretty easy to find in Malaysia), and other dried fruits. I was also able to locate some spices and olive oil at Aeon. In comparison to the Tesco in Melaka, the Aeon grocery market was more expensive. However, the selection was much better. The Aeon Bandaraya mall in Melaka also has clothing for sale, for anyone who might be interested in this. From what I could tell, Aeon was a “one stop shop” for just about everything you’d need for a trip to Melaka. Within the grocery market, there were toiletry products, cleaning supplies, and water as well.

I was hard-pressed to find any small stores in Melaka, Malaysia where I could get more affordable fruits and vegetables (or just food in general). The one store I did find was called the 99 SpeedMart, and although it didn’t have a lot of variety, it’s located in an area right next to the Grind Shack Coworking Space. I was also able to find tamarind paste at the 99 SpeedMart, which (somewhat surprisingly) can be used to make a pretty convincing barbecue sauce… more on that later.

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