99 SpeedMart Grocery – Melaka, Malaysia

The 99 SpeedMart was a small grocery store that we found in a strip mall next to a coworking space called Grind Shack Workspace in Melaka, Malaysia. Although there it wasn’t possible to find everything necessary at this grocery, we did find some things, however. But besides that, this is one of the few small grocery stores that I’ve located in Melaka, which is a surprising and noteworthy fact in-and-of itself.

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The area around the 99 SpeedMart was pretty metropolitan. As you can see in the gallery above, there was a parking lot immediately outside the store, which was blocked in on either side by other stores (one was a pharmacy, in case you’re interested). Beyond the cars was a street with 2 lanes of busy two-way traffic.

At the 99 SpeedMart in Melaka we scored some lentils, agar-agar strips, olive oil, chocolate, and tamarind paste.







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The 99 SpeedMart reminded me of a cross between a tiny grocery in Mexico and an American convenience store. The grocery had beauty supplies (shampoo, perfume, etc.), canned foods, junk foods, and cleaning supplies. However, it also supplied some real food options like the olive oil and chocolate powder we found. There was no fresh produce for sale here, however.

I wouldn’t necessarily go back to the 99 SpeedMart, mostly because it didn’t have any produce. What interested me most was primarily that there even is a small grocery in Melaka, since it seems like a rare find here in Malaysia in general. I’m glad to see that smaller establishments like this still exist in Malaysia, but it’s disappointing to see how few there really are. Perhaps by the end of my 5 weeks in the country I’ll have found more little shops and I’ll better understand the whole situation, but maybe not. Either way, it’s an important aspect of the place to know about, especially for those of you that prefer to frequent little groceries and fruit and vegetable stands.

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  1. nadia ahmad on January 25, 2019 at 4:36 pm
    speedmart d kuala sungai baru pekrjanya kasa bgi balance duit n ssh nak ucap trm ksih!! byk kali dah...nak pgi ctu pn dh mls!

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